Did the clouds of that day know

Whether the clouds of that day are all known, so the pear blossoms were tired and lonely, and the soft wind blew gently, and the pieces fell, look at this thin flower, the warm breeze seems white and fragrant, cool In Liang Tie my eyes, the pear blossoms resemble the looseness under the snow, and like a butterfly, blinking gently, the heart floats and flies away, and I can’t see it again…

Did the Yun’er know that day, so the birds cried lightly, with each sound, soft-hearted, and called a sweetheart, I looked up and laughed at you, I can’t forget a dream, the wind blows and chats with the flowers , Yun’er wailed the birds and couldn’t go back in a dream.

Did Yun’er already know that day, so Time lost his waist and looked at each other lightly. The waves of the eyes shone frequently, and the water flowed slowly in the heart, and the waves seemed to hide in tears and laugh, whether you like it or not It’s clear, but love is not clear. Why is love still unresolved? Yun’er slowly shakes, floats gently, and blows into my dream.

Yun’er already knew that day, but you know or not.

The wind blew the flowers and the birds whispered softly. Where have you gone, the shadow is gone, and the voice has died down. Teach me how to find… Knock on the door and knock each other, and the flowing clouds invite each other. The green boudoir in front of the window, Yi Xin wailed, when I missed you, I frowned and asked if you know…

Yun’er already knew that day, but you know or not.

The tears fell like fine beads, drop by drop, without looking back, the wind blows away, and the peace is unpredictable. Our ending is destined to be so few, and a dream will never go back.

“Wang Jun is like a star, I am like a moon, night and night are like the moon,” he held it softly, looking up and seeing the smile of the stars, the moon was the mist in the tears, layer by layer, hiding the meaning of the flower, focusing on the dim eyes Teach people how to open up the love of love. The heart becomes a mystery. It is a mystery. What is the cause of anger, resentment and resentment?

Ye’er followed the wind and fell again, and the river slowly traversed and flowed, my love, depending on which flower by the branch, fell without a trace…

Wind and wind, I ask you to ask the cloud gently, Yuner knows that the birds by the branches will no longer be disturbed, the raindrops floating silently, where we have gone, why, the cloud does not know, Yueer Don’t know, do you know, the rain flutters gently, the body swings gently, the leaves and wickers slowly draw poetry, line by line, hanging into a curtain of death.

The cloud on that day is no longer visible, do we know or not.

The mountains are blue and green, the flowers are red and sweet, and the love is still light. I go away, I am mad with my thoughts, and the dream is so deep. Qing is the sky and the moon is far away. When I miss you, I look up Smile, don’t want you to know.

The wind blows…Pears are beautiful, the pieces are like clouds floating in the wind, look at this thin flower, the soft breeze is scented with white fragrance, quietly stepping into the shadow, you can’t see it anymore NS……

The night color of smoke and dark clouds slowly fell on the river, and the floating goose cut the shadow of the mountain profile, slowly swirling and melodious, returning home at night.