Dandelion’s Monologue

Dandelion is a common and easily forgotten species. It is short-lived, ordinary, and unknown, and it is easy to ignore it in a certain corner, and it accepts all this without complaint and regret. This is its life perception .

The soft sunlight in the morning shines on the dandelion. Although it does not have a gorgeous coat to embellish itself, because of the lightness of dreams, it is willing to disperse the seeds of hope into the breeze.

A gust of wind blew, and the white dandelions fell off the stem little by little, and passed away with the wind like a kite with a broken thread. Looking at it from a distance, only the declining back figure fell. The wind stopped, leaving only bare branches, here stubbornly waiting for the birth of new life.

No one knows what it will experience when it comes to this world? It may be just a short stay, waiting to be sent to another unfamiliar place by the breeze, taking root and sprouting, reincarnation again and again, this is its meaning. What can we learn from it? It tells us that although there is no gorgeous appearance, the desire for life is so strong that no matter how bad the external conditions are, it cannot stop the pursuit of survival.

Dandelion looks very small, so small that it ignores its existence, but it uses its own unique way to show itself, not caring about others’ opinions, and follows its own pace, bravely and firmly go on!