Country night

When the afterglow of the setting sun was about to fade away, the indigo-colored smoke enveloped the entire wilderness in a hurry, the gullies and gullies of the village suddenly became blurred, and the grand and sinking night was slowly pulling away…

At this time, people working in the fields picked up farm tools and returned home under the night.

The bird was tired, and after returning home, it whispered and noisy for a while, and then gradually calmed down among the branches.

The chickens walked and talked, men, women, old and young, leisurely getting into the chicken coop. I got in, still whispering, whispering to each other’s ears, saying good night to each other.

The pigs go back to the circle, the cows go back to the shed. Occasionally, a cow was disobedient, fell behind, and quietly picked up a handful of it in the rice field. It was found by the cow house. With a whip on its back, it ran towards the shed and ran to the door with a “moo”. Suddenly, he slid and put his head on the high railing, struggling constantly.

In the stove, the smell of burning firewood and the smell of food diffused in the house quickly rushed in the air, overflowing with the ordinary excitement of the villagers, and it seemed a little open and quiet.

The lights in the village came on gradually, and under the cover of the night and the jungle, they looked like sparks, cautious and full of confidence. Every lamp is a harbor. The gray-haired old man feeds his naughty grandson in the shadow of the lantern, and the strong wife is eagerly waiting for her husband who will return late; every lamp is a call, and countless lamps reflect the rusticity of the villagers. Of sorrow and joy.

The sky was completely dark, and the village returned to tranquility. One person or several people, guarding a light, smoking a pipe of dry tobacco, making a pot of tea, or doing homework, or business and farming, or telling the children some shocking stories …

Unknowingly, the night is getting late. But no one knows how the night gets up.

Haven’t spoken yet, why the moon has climbed up the roof!

Baichong’s singing became more and more incompetent. When he sang it, no one paid any attention to it. The voice went farther and farther, and finally sneaked into the earth quietly.

Wow, the door of someone’s house opened with a “squeak”, and a basin of footwashing water was splashed on the ground. Then there was another “squeak” and the door closed. Tomorrow, we will have to rush the work in the fields, and the crops will be higher than the other day. This crop is their fate! Hastily climbed into bed. Then with a “poof”, the kerosene lamp was blown out. The family said goodbye to the busyness and exhaustion of the day and fell asleep.

One, two, three…

When the lamp of the last family went out, the village plunged into a deeper night and became a part of the night, like a bottle of ink, poured into a larger bucket of ink.

In the village, there are some uninvited guests every night, with ulterior motives, coming out day and night.

Weasels, mice, wild boars, and unknown ghosts all came out and wandered around the village under the cover of night.

People fell asleep and went far away. Their bodies sleep in the village, but their souls follow the moonlight to travel far, far away. They lived in the village all their lives, it was difficult to travel far away, only to make a trip with the dream. Countless crops and farming work are piled up in life, just like children waiting to be fed under their knees, guarding them around them, so that they will no longer have the energy to take care of other things in their lives.

People don’t know how many things took the opportunity to patronize their villages during their long journey without even leaving a trace. They walk around in the village if no one is beside them, look at the door of this house, sit in the house, eat half a bowl of cold rice left by the farm, or throw the socks on the wooden bench underground, Even dragged a small piece of bacon from the cupboard under the bed…

The children refused to go to bed early. They ran and played wildly in and outside the village, quietly silent for a while, and yelling and screaming for a while. Hungry for fun, while the adults were sleeping, they secretly started their “food plan”, digging into the vegetable garden next door through the gap in the fence, letting go of your courage, letting go of your belly, eating and pretending, and returning home in the middle of the night.

The night surrounded them in layers, except for greetings from the bushes. Occasionally, the sound of leaves rubbing against each other will make them frightened, and they will be alert to everything around them with their ears erected. Fear, the fear of the night, makes them look back from time to time, thinking that someone is following. In my mind, I am constantly making up for the protective measures that I should take when I encounter wicked people, dogs, and even evil spirits. They kept speeding up their pace, wishing to step over and return home all at once. However, home must be reached step by step.

At last he arrived in his house, his head fell on the bed, fell into another darker night, and lost himself in the game of his friends.

Occasionally, a person who wakes up at night sees a dark shadow walking past the village, erratic like a dream. He didn’t know whether it was an animal, a human, or a legendary ghost, so he poured half of his urine into the air and hurried into the house. For him, this is another night darker than the night. He must keep the secret of this encounter and cannot tell anyone, as if once the secret is leaked, he will be severely punished.

The cat followed the dark countryside, approached the breath of a mouse, and caught a few mice to fill its stomach. After eating and drinking enough, thinking of the other cat, he quietly walked across the yard to take a look at the female cat next door. As a result, the most ostentatious and romantic love drama in the village kicked off…