Cockscomb blooms gracefully

In the city of Urumqi in August, the cockscomb flowers bloom bright red. That shape, like a comb, like a palm, like a cone, like a pagoda, and like a fan, has various shapes and shapes.

The cockscombs bloomed, and some clusters, clusters, crowded together, like large hydrangea, very beautiful.

The cockscomb blooms, clusters and clusters of flowers, all with small white fluff, set off the fiery red flowers, they are really beautiful.

The cockscomb flowers are not only colorful in color, purple-red, bright red, and light yellow, but also so gorgeous and tall and straight. Charming and beautiful, graceful and graceful.

The stems of cockscombs are very special. The stems of other flowers are very smooth to the touch, while the stems of cockscombs are bumpy and uneven, like a triangular prism.

The stems are still very tall, 70 to 80 centimeters tall. There are vertical and horizontal lines on the stem. The root of the stem is thick and strong, while the upper part of the stem is flat and wide. The lower leaves are purple-red, and the upper leaves are yellow-green.

The leaves of the cockscomb are green, and the outer circle is winding, like a green carpet. And it is narrow and long, some are light cyan, some are pink, layered on top of each other, very lush.

The seeds of the cockscomb flower are about the size of millet grains, with a purplish-red shell, smooth and bright, small and round, black and shiny, like small pearls that are very loving.

Cockscomb is not as delicate as some precious flowers and plants, but it has very strong vitality. It does not have high requirements for water and fertilizer, and it can grow up sturdily when it is planted in a pot or in the ground.

Cockscomb is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Amaranthaceae. It is also called “Laolaihong”, “Reed Cockscomb”, “Cocktail Flower”, and “Chicken Horn Root”.

There are many varieties of cockscombs, such as “cockscomb, torch-shaped, pompom-shaped, feather-shaped, fan-shaped” in shape.

Cockscomb flower colors are “bright red, orange-yellow, dark red, purple, white, red and yellow mixed” and other colors, but regardless of the color, they are plump and soft, beautiful and amiable.

The petals of the cockscomb are very plump, overlapping and squeezed together, shining in the sunlight, like a big rooster crowing with its head high.

The cockscomb blossoms, the pink stems, lush leaves, and gorgeous flowers all reflect a kind of unrestrained enthusiasm and vigorous vitality.

The cockscomb blossoms, the plump body, the ordinary name, and the exaggerated pink headdress, show off the romance of the countryside. Through the dynasties, literati and inexperiencers especially liked it and praised it greatly.

Luo Ye wrote in “Celosia”, “A branch is beautiful to the autumn light, and the dew drops leaning against the wind.

Xiaojing looked like at first glance, Xie Jiaxin dyed purple clothes. ”

Mei Yaochen wrote in “The Cockscomb Flower”: “Autumn to the end of the world, Baifang turns into withered grass. Elder is famous, and it seems to be Chen Bao. Unwilling to be humble, willing to grow old with the season. Chiyu carved chestnuts, Danzhi Xie Diaochao. Fresh and fresh clouds and leaves roll, and Chan Chan Wei Weng is good. The name is true, so why bother early.”

Yao Wenhuan wrote in “Celosia”: “Where is the world white, the frosty night is blowing the crimson cloud crown. After the return of the five tombs, the independent Qiuting has not dried up.”

Yang Xunzhai wrote in “Celosia”: “Luozhuo high-flowered blood-stained orangutan, but pity the golden distance. It is a good place to plant this under the window of Song’s house. Don’t ask if you are in the wind.”

Xie Jin wrote in “Cockscomb Flower”: “Cockscomb was originally a rouge dye, how do you lighten up your makeup today? Just for the greedy report of the dawn, but she still wears cream on her head.”

Zhong Hongdao wrote in “Celosia”: “Red and red hair in a bun with green jackets, will not run between the flowers. In the long summer and autumn in full bloom, it seems like a rooster wants to report the dawn.”

Zhuang Chang wrote in “Celosia”: “Ancient and modern things are suspected to be similar, and the universe can reach a few people. Looking at the autumn scenery of Tianfeng with a smile, there is no real difference between Wanhong.”

Xu Zonggan wrote in “Cockscomb Flower”: “Doucao once saw suspicious bird bends, and Shihua has a spectrum of cockscombs. Ye Lingye is wet and wet, and he is facing Qiuyang Pianpiandan.”

In the city of Urumqi in August, the cockscomb flowers bloomed so splendidly, so gorgeously, and so eye-catchingly, like the torch that never goes out.

In the city of Urumqi in August, the cockscomb flowers bloom, permeating the autumn world, with their heads high and their chests high, swirling into a fire, showing light, the flower gods condenses, and the branches are warm.

In the city of Urumqi in August, the cockscomb flowers bloomed, thick but simple, simple but gorgeous, and the red waist, accompanied by the rhythm of the autumn breeze, danced heartily.

In the city of Urumqi in August, the cockscomb flowers bloom, red flowers, green leaves, clusters of three to five, adding a bit of happiness to the capital of Xinjiang .