Can’t go back to the past

Everyone has a hometown of his own. The hometown is alive and beautiful in their hearts. To the wanderers who have lived in other places for a long time, the hometown is more like an old cellar. , Thinking about it, tears can be filled with fragrance in my brain.

My hometown is in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is a land of plenty. In the 1960s and 1970s, the countryside was still very poor and poor, but we still loved her very much. I remember that when I was young, we couldn’t get enough to eat. We looked for things that we could eat in our mouths. For example, in the spring, our mother would let us eat freshly sprouted willow leaves, then locust tree flowers, green radish leaves, and sweet potato vines. , The poorest thing in winter, there is nothing to eat, everything is withered, I can only search for root crops in the soil. When we were a little older, we would go fishing in the river by ourselves, catch frogs on the shore, and catch birds in the trees, but we didn’t feel much bitter at the time. Instead, we had a lot of fun, such as fishing in the river, which most people can’t touch. , Because the fish is underwater or in the silt, when your hand touches it, the fish will chuckle and slip away. If you are frightened by the fish under the water and let go, or if you don’t concentrate, this fish I ran away and finally came across a fish. I regretted it for a long time. Sometimes I decided not to let go no matter what I touched. I caught a snake. I thought it was a rice eel. I took it out of the water and got scared. Catch a bird on a tree and dig out a sparrow under the eaves. Generally, you can only catch a nest of chicks that have not fully grown their hairs. They have large heads and large eyes, but they don’t have fat red skin on their bodies, and some can even have intestines inside their belly. Seeing that they don’t dare to eat, they secretly raise them and eat them when they die.

I remember when we were in school, we didn’t have a kindergarten, and we went directly to the first grade, but I remember that there was a labor class, and there was a bit of land in the school. We had to take buckets to water the manure, plant vegetables and plant seedlings, but I remember the teacher We didn’t eat at school, so we wouldn’t eat at school. We don’t know where the vegetables and melons went when they were ripe. There is no homework after school, so we will help our parents do some housework as much as we can, and we will have fun with our friends after finishing the work.

At that time, my father was a production team leader. He was not a big official. But in our young age, we are proud and proud. We set an example by going to school and after school. There seems to be an invisible restraint, but we are very willing. Let’s set off together, but I am determined not to touch the plants and trees of the public house. I have to take the lead. In fact, it is because I am afraid that my father will beat me and scold me. The father is a man who has a real duty, and requires himself to do better in everything, and we as children can’t hold him back.

The countryside is vast, with endless rice fields, green seedlings, and yellow rapeseed flowers. Parents go to work in the fields. We and a group of friends go to the river to learn to swim. We use bath tubs or wooden boards or bicycle inner tubes as lifebuoys, boys. A brave man can swim long distances. Only our little girls who are timid and need assistance can dare to go into the water. We can do whatever breaststroke doggy style is. But we had a girl who went to the river to swim together and drowned when she was only eight years old. She was alive. She said that if she didn’t, it would be gone. We didn’t dare to swim in the water for a long time, and even walked on the edge of the river. Frustrated.

When I was a child, I liked to lie alone in the green wheat field, smelling the fragrance of the green wheat leaves. The unique green and quiet wheat leaves smell really good. Looking at the high sky, large white clouds slowly go west. Drifting and changing various postures, it makes me imagine all kinds of animals. On summer nights, I was lying on a small square table, so high and so far in the blue sky, I could see a crooked-necked tree in the moon, and a man next to it. According to the tree, there is a farmland next to which has just been peared.

When I was young, there were no electrical appliances, and kerosene lamps were lit at home, but there was a radio. Every time the weather was reported, my father had to listen carefully and not let us make any noise. Sometimes I wrote manuscripts and sent them to the municipal radio station for acceptance. My father would sit down on a small stool and smoke a cigarette and listen to my manuscripts with a smile on his face, his face full of pride.

When I was young, there were sometimes open-air movies. A few of us went to the movies together, but after watching the movies, no one could find anyone. Although we knew each other, we went home in the middle of the night and walked quietly. There were even several tombs on the ridge. I was really afraid of straight hair, and didn’t dare to cry, so I dashed fast, thinking that my legs were short.

Now you don’t have to go out to watch movies, you have to watch any computer or TV on your mobile phone . It’s just that we don’t have the special treasure that we had fun at that time. We are very busy and very busy now. Both children and middle-aged and elderly people are very busy and don’t know all day long. What are you busy with? It’s not like when I was a child and I was living in the sun. The little bit of my childhood can only be slowly recalled now. My childhood playmates can’t be contacted now, even if I return to my hometown to meet up. There was nothing to say. It was just a silly smirk, sitting there and then each felt bored, and waved goodbye. Their life trajectories were different, and their current situation was not very good. It was just that they were living their own boring lives. What are we talking about? We are just ordinary and mediocre bottom ants.