Being clean is a person’s greatest blessing

Since I was a child, I have liked to be alone. Sitting quietly under the big tree and reading, looking up at the endlessly changing clouds, bowing down and watching the crawling ants. The clouds at that time were white and soft, the sky was a clear blue, and everything was pure and clean. If a bird is willing to be a cloud, then a person must live a clean life, an open-minded life, and a full and complete life.

It’s just that, as the years go by, the transformation is the face of you and me, and also the immature and pure hearts of you and me.

It’s not that I don’t want to believe in fairy tales, but I understand that when I grow up, I don’t have too many illusions before the end of the story, so that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment; it’s not that I no longer believe in love, but that many people have been deeply loved. I have been hurt, and I am afraid that I will fall again. It is not that my heart has long been tainted by the secular dyeing vat, but the world is more and more susceptible to being clean.

I finally understand why the more people grow up, the more they desire simplicity and the more clean they are. Rather than being vigorous, people want something simple, clean, and pure, especially emotional. In today’s era, money, fame, and status have become the criteria for measuring a person’s value. How much affection is there, really pure?

Fortunately, over the past twenty years of ups and downs, I have always been happy and calm as ever. Have a clean circle, a simple life, no complicated emotional entanglements, no intrigue between people, and no chaotic interpersonal communication, always maintain a clear self, do what one wants and do not overstep the rules.

Nowadays the garden orchids are in full bloom, making me more aware that the purer the flower in this world, the more its unique fragrance. Don’t fight with the world, and fall silently. Regardless of when the flowering period is, no matter what day the flower falls, it blooms hard when it opens, and has no regrets when it fades.

As a flower, one should strive to achieve its mission of blooming and bearing fruit, and as a human being, one should strive towards the path of purity.

Being clean is a person’s greatest blessing. Having a clean and comfortable living environment, a good family style, and an open-minded mind are all a blessing in life. Even though it is hard to find a clean job in the world, we must work hard to eliminate the complex and simplify, and remove the false and keep the truth.

I really like the words of Master Hongyi: “The mirror stops the water to fix one’s body, the blue sky and the day make things happen, the light breeze and the moon can lead people”. Even though you are a layman, you must be innocent and open to do things, but you should blame yourself and not be harsh on others.

Real cleanliness is not about being spotless, but about letting the dust fly, and I am my sunshine.

May you and I encourage each other.