Beautiful thoughts of Xinyu

Holding the pen of the keyboard gifted to me by the Internet, brewing the beautiful thoughts of the heart, using the heart and mind to depict the sincerity of love, the openness of love, and the 100% beautiful association, let the charm of the text with the fragrance of flowers, vividly On paper-inscription

The old trees shackle the vicissitudes of the years, the annual rings portray the feelings of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the scattered wind and rain cause seagulls to soar in the wind, and the long ice and snow render the crystal clear, three-dimensional and smart paintings. Wipe a ray of sunlight, illuminate the warmth of the heart, dipped in the color of the blooming flowers, spray painting a bunch of gorgeous flowers, embroidered birds and flowers, and smell the scent of flowers, refreshing my heart and refreshing your heart. Pieces of sunset glow like flames, cut a piece of morning light like soft silk, cleverly cut into a beautiful fashion. Carrying the brilliance of the moon shadow, the graceful face of the splashed ink lotus, the shadow of the condensed prism lotus of the lake, the deep friendship is treasured by the lotus root, bathed in thousands of rays of sunshine, and the essence of life is splendid and splendid .

Sharing the moon, illuminating the soul, listening to the sound of the sky, watching the moon and sailing, carrying infinite love, writing a piece of love that meets the spring, holding my heart, the spring dream of my thoughts, looking forward to the good day of heaven, holding the blood and heart, and staying silently . The tenderness of the Chinese spectrum text, the wind in the evening, and the dawn of the moon, let the truth, the beauty and the beauty describe the heart of spring. Relaxing in contemplation, warming the scent of the moon and bright beauty, lying in a lifetime of nostalgia, remembering a hairpin , dipping in the ink gifted by the years, looking at the autumn waves of love, playing the symphony of the spring river and the moon and night, the eternal picture scroll of the rich and colorful green mountains, remembering the twilight of the heart Vicissitudes.

Lifting the window of memory, drawing the border of the heart, letting thoughts grow flying wings, filling the dimples with sweet and happy heartfelt feelings, kissing the softness of the moonlight, tasting the fragrance of the words, the gentle elegance of the ink rhyme writing , drinking a cup of Longjing tea The mellow fragrance, the enthusiasm of gifting roses, the feeling of the sonorous chrysanthemum in the wind and frost, the enlightenment of wisdom, and the realization of the Chinese dream.

Looking at the joy of a bumper harvest in late autumn, inlaid with drunken red maple leaves, inlaid with blossoming chrysanthemums, reflecting the blue waves of green water, setting a pond of fish music, holding a pond of shrimps, full of golden pond Starlight and moonlight, admire the bright moon in the quiet autumn night, borrow a silver moon shuttle, weave a sail with a moon shadow, embroider a cloud brocade of neon feather dancing, hovering with the sky and clouds, embroider a Hunan embroidery hook and a round of red Crescent Moon, Qingyin [Wangyue Huaiyuan]’s poem: There is a bright moon on the sea, and the end of the world is at this time. The lover resented Yaoye, and even fell in love at night. Extinguishing the candles, the pity is full, and the cloak is full of pity. Unbearable gift, still have a good night’s dream. Interpretation of lovesickness. An embroidered Shu embroidery, intricate affair hid the people’s hearts, embroidered a sunflower, staring at the shiny sun, the beautiful and sincere kindness flourish, presented a dazzling picture of Guangdong embroidery, looking forward to friendship truth to For a long time.

Lightly rolling the curtain under the setting sun, the fragrance is set against the thoughts of the sunset like brocade, Ruoyunyan, the bonfire is burning in the sky, nostalgic for the end of the world, and the last supper of the cape, entrusted to neon, a piece of purple and red, composing the red dust and purple Mo, the fleeting Su Yunxian has a tender feeling, a pillow of apricot blossoms, a touch of longing heartfelt words, and a line of rhyming verses, all can not help but gather together towards the setting sun, the evening glow returns to the clouds and dances lightly. Enchanting and bright radiance intertwined. Thoughts stand lightly in the breeze and dusk, tenderness is long and deep, please ask Yun girl to treasure it. Give a breeze and a bright moon to listen to the music of the lover’s endless chanting of spring flowers, summer rain, autumn and sincere winter.

The once warm and peaceful, the once romantic and charming, have been flowing silently in the sea of ​​love and love like water, nostalgic for the crystal clear spring, still playing in the bottom of my heart, the sound of knocking on the keyboard whispered, telling a section of the cycle of life A popular poem, with a memory like the fragrance of jasmine, permeating the fragrance of a piece of plain paper, remembering the fall of love, still full of bitterness and melancholy, indifferently watching the prosperity and sorrow of the flowers blooming, feeling the relief of the three autumns The leaves can bloom February flowers. Appreciate a picture of the white and flawless snow flakes flying in the embrace of the sky, leaving a blank space at the breast of the earth, depicting the dazzling blooming of a winter plum in the cold.