Beautiful and flawless

The beautiful life starts from the beginning, the clear hairline contains the warmth and gorgeous scenery, lifts the momentum of climbing the summit of the mountain, the dark brown hair is like a waterfall flowing down, flowing over the shoulders, spreading the heavy support of the shoulders, telling The longing and beautiful hope in my heart. Listen to the heart’s words, which contract and relax with the ventricles and atria, resonating with a beautiful rhythm that is just as pleasing to the ears . The beauty of beautiful hair, the charm of hairdressing, and the unrestrained hair are bright and charming to my pupils.

Her white skin was as smooth as fat, her slender and beautiful hands could not help stroking the trickle of hair, and the right index finger, as if admiring the goose-egg-shaped cheek, for fear of deviating from the trajectory of the best face shape, the five fingers of her right hand were calm. Holding the brim of the milky white aviation hat freely, it echoes the epaulettes along the center of the top. The sky-blue dress and the contours of the gilded jade rim are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, expressing her desire for a better life and praying for a bright future. God hopes that a happy life will be full and sweet, complete and happy and well-being.

The eyebrows of the willow leaves, the piercing eyes, the rosy lips, and the slightly cold eyes. In the center of the face is the Qiong nose, which breathes with the fresh breath and fate. It is firm, delicate and very cute, and beautifully enjoys the joy of love. Breeding a loving heart, blooming quietly and elegantly in the poetry of the lotus language of Xia, doing everything possible to grasp the balance between you and me, the reality and the Internet are dazzling, 100% beautiful, and the beautiful scenery continues, and fashion is carved into Timeless classic .