Banyan Tree and Red Apricot

A little bird that I had never met before, somehow so interesting, unexpectedly picked up a banyan seed, and probably accidentally left the seed in the clay pot where I originally planted the sweet-scented osmanthus while taking a nap. Later, a small banyan tree emerged. Gradually, Xiaorong grew quite cute. From time to time, in the drizzle and breeze, he spit out a few green leaves. The courage and friendship to accompany the lonely me made me feel a kind of harmonious world of characters.

Therefore, the peasant mood that I hatched , stepped religiously on the rhythm of Tao Ling, and often pulled out the weeds in the flower pots with my hands, and kept the rain and dew moisturized with tap water. Looking at the growing green leaves and the tall figure every day, it seems that the air is filled with sweet charm. The earthy atmosphere in the city, like the spring rain that the farmers are looking forward to, is indeed quite expensive. The Cantonese may have a deep understanding of this, and every household will grow a lot of flowers and trees on the balcony and other places. I, who has been tortured to be a little simple, also truly marry such a favorite green messenger in my mood. In addition, a heart without regrets shed the light of the oath.

Standing on the balcony in early spring, I started to play a heart song with the small banyan tree. But one day, a light red apricot came out from the balcony upstairs. What a beautiful looking down! At that moment, my floating lone cloud suddenly disappeared from the void of my heart. The dancing of the beautiful colors reminded me of Xu Zhimo’s “Sayan Nara” suddenly, and I suddenly felt the tenderness of the bowed head of the red apricot, too much like the shyness of a water lotus flower that can not beat the cool breeze. It’s a pity that I haven’t had time to cherish it. Hong Xing has hidden the sweet sorrow in the balcony upstairs.

Fortunately, the spring scenery cannot be hidden. Whenever I communicate with the small banyan tree, as long as I poke my head out of the balcony and look up, I can find that the shyness is always so coveted. Therefore, I wondered, if I let early spring replace all seasons, even if I didn’t fall in love with the winter snow, I would probably agree, even though Bai Xue also has a lot of cuteness.

Saying goodbye to the impulsive port, calm down and relive the sweet sorrow, the neon of the port, blinking with colorful instructions, the love is the foreshadowing of fate.

The red apricots upstairs, after all, belonged to others, and if occasionally looking up would only produce inner emotion, then the warmth and freshness of emotions would rise from the calm heart. Therefore, taking good care of the green little banyan tree is an incredibly easy choice for me!

So far, I feel quite interesting. My true description of plants, maybe my friends will say that I am “personifying” after reading it! In fact, no. My communication with plants has always been like this. As a lover of nature, I have no reason to keep the so-called beautiful distance from those bright beings.

The light of the sun and the moon, the blue of the sea and the sky, the green of the trees, the beauty of the flowers and plants, and the fragrance of the soil have become my supreme admiration for knowing life . Whenever I walk among the green mountains and green waters of the motherland, what I cannot see is the hustle and bustle of the world; what I understand is pure and beautiful thoughts. The obscure life seems to have such comfortable thoughts, the road ahead, I am afraid that there will be no beautiful scenery!

When I came to the balcony, I drank the remaining half bottle of mineral water and irrigated it to the small banyan tree. Seeing that green leaf looks happy in the wind , thinking about the fate of drinking a bottle of water with it, the tactful mood is really indescribable.

At this moment, the arbitrary spring breeze blew a red apricot from the people upstairs onto my balcony. I held up the still bright flowers, with infinite compassion, and started from my heart. I don’t know how to make it bright, and time to create a long and affectionate kiss; I even made up fairy tales with extra innocence , wanting that red apricot to be lost in the beautiful future, to be able to live in the vastness of the future. The starry sky of words lights up another cosmic wonder.

Neither fairy tales nor hope can make the withering of that red apricot out of a different fate. I wanted to sandwich the withered petals into a book called “Golden Rose”. I thought that although the red apricot was not made of gold, it had brought beautiful longings to my life after all. Later, considering the lack of natural breath on the pages of the book, it would make its dry face full of sadness, so I finally decided to bury it beside the roots of my banyan tree. Because, in the soil, it has the opportunity to take a new form of life, the castle that is always based on my thinking.

However, something unexpected happened. A friend of mine from Guangdong who is very particular about feng shui came to my place as a guest. When he saw my banyan tree, he said how dare I plant such a tree at home, and asked me if I understood the principle of “tolerating a tree but not tolerating people”. I said that kind of falsehood, I’m not in the mood to understand. However, when I went to the supermarket to buy drinks, this friend of mine asked someone to remove my banyan tree and replaced it with a tall fortune tree.

I couldn’t find the banyan tree, and I was depressed only by God. In fact, I really want that red apricot to sleep beautifully under the banyan tree for some years, and make it the only protagonist of a beautiful fairy tale during the days when I was inspired and cared… what! Could it be that the fate of getting together with him can only perform a brief hand in hand?