Autumn is coming

When autumn comes, shake the broken flowers off; the coolness is faint, and the ground is covered with chaotic leaves.

The once arrogant Cui Liu by the river no longer showed the old fluttering style, spotty, disorganized clothes, frequent holes, and unknown bugs still lie on it and suck and gnaw desperately. It’s extremely disgusting, so I knocked it down easily. For the time being, letting go of the displeasure, they are also for life and have to be attached to others, but I love willows and worms after all.

The grass is no longer green, the tip of the leaf is yellow and yellow, and the edge of the leaf is yellow and yellow. The leaf stems become stiffer and harder, not as soft as silk. Stepping on the foot, in addition to the rustling, there are some stubborn or stubborn feet, and the trousers are full of grass seeds and hairy, and we are sorrowful-take me away, take me to the distance… There is poetry in the distance, far away Is there a song? I waved my hand, dusted off the dust, and patted everything, but that was all in the distance.

The seasons change, and people are in panic. Season, not only the mountains and rivers change color, time, not only life is easy to grow old. Birds go to the bee to return to the nest, reeds and reeds rest in the rain. And at this time, who is still waiting?

Standing in the setting sun, admiring the twilight and the red rhyme of falling clouds. Where did the poem go, where did the fu go? What to say, what to write, and the pen to be poor, you can only stand and look like a sculpture, letting your thoughts fly. The cold worms urged Qiu to grow old, and the sound of the frog whistle persuaded me to leave. What should I draw in light ink and light paper? Feiying Gougou, drive away and return. In fact, they dance what they call them, what do they do to me, I’m just a mediocre harassment.

In the blue sky, the falling English is a little drunk and colorful; the yellow leaf land, the westerly wind is dancing and messy. The northern geese return to the south, who will get drunk in the frost forest? Always leave people in tears. In fact, sorrow is theirs, I should be happy