Another day of quarrel

Last night, I quarreled with him about the placement of the bed. He thought it would cost a lot to re-purchase a wardrobe after dismantling the wardrobe. Just move the air conditioner, and I think the bed is next to each other. There is a double bed behind the window. Sleeping on it is even more insecure, and it’s not good for people to sleep for a long time.

And he didn’t listen to me at all, just thought he was right, and said that if I want to do it, then I will pay for it myself. The reason why he disagrees with my point of view is because the fucking said one sentence is mine. The plan is not good in feng shui. As long as it is something that his mother disagrees with, there is no discussion with him. I have nothing to say about this kind of mom Baonan.

It’s the same with small things like taking a child home. I think the child has a cold and needs to rest at home for a while before going home, and his mother wants to go back right away. When the two parties’ views are inconsistent, there is no suspense about his choice. On his mother’s side. Now that the child is young, and I am not in good health, I can bear all these things.