Actually everything exists

When our physical body descends into the human world, our consciousness also arises. The state in the mother’s body is affected by the mother’s body and produces various reactions. It is an active and passive existence.

When technology was underdeveloped, we could not know the state of the fetus in the mother’s body. Now, the emergence of four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound technology allows us to clearly see the state of the fetus in the mother’s body through the machine. That state is a natural existence.

The birth of a fetus, with natural and conscious behavior, language and conscious responses, allows us to see how the fetus experiences babies, toddlers, children, adolescents, youth, middle-aged, old age, and passing away, from nothing to nothing, and then from nothing to nothing. The phenomenon of life and death, in the short time of life, allows us to move forward in the ups and downs of material and spiritual possession and loss.

In fact, all of this is just a kind of existence. It exists in our growing life for tens of thousands of days. It exists in the generation, endeavor, acquisition, and extinction of many desires in the growth process. This kind of existence is because of the existence of our physical bodies. The physical existence of the spirit needs the existence. In the short time of our lives, we do everything we can to fight for material and spiritual things, so that our bodies and consciousness can feel pleasure, or suffer the pain of loss or inevitable loss.

When everything has passed. After death, the soul dissipated, and the body lay in the cold coffin. People who are alive see the existence of the body becoming cold, that is, the existence of a pile of fleshy substances, which hooks up all kinds of memories and nostalgia for the past. And the soul doesn’t know where it is, the weight of the soul, some say 21 grams, some say 35 grams, is that true? Really, where will the soul go? Is there a soul in a four-dimensional space? Will the soul really watch the body that once shared with me turn to ashes with invisible tears? What a sad sight!

People always have infinitely beautiful prayers, for a person’s departure, imagining the place to leave, that is a heaven that is unknown, and heaven is beautiful, happy, and there is no misfortune. People let this beautiful Prayer melts the sadness in my heart.

As the years passed day by day, everything in the past became blurred, and everything in the world became more and more unfamiliar. In the end, only the substance that meant a person’s existence disappeared, and the existence of a person completely disappeared. Only on a certain memorial day, I saw the old soil covering the lonely tomb, the wind-eroded tombstone with the inscriptions blurred, and the solitude of the dead leaves waiting, that aroused deep nostalgia.

When the century passed, the vicissitudes of life, things changed and the stars moved, a hundred years away, a thousand years have passed, ten thousand years are far away, everything has no memory, all those existences are turned into dust on the earth, and they are integrated into the endless endless The universe world.

We often ignorantly ask questions about the earth and the universe, what is inside the earth? Are these things we know now? When was the earth born? Will it die? What is the universe? Is there a boundary in the universe, and if so, what is beyond its end? Is there life and death in the universe? So what does it look like in life and death? If we were to fall down from the earth, where would we fall to? These complicated problems are really headaches, troublesome from time to time, and sigh for the shortness of human life, and helpless for ignorance.

The dictionary reads: The universe, which refers to matter and time and space in general, originated in the Big Bang. Many scientists have exhausted their entire wisdom to study the universe, answering strange questions one after another, Lemaitre, Friedman, Hoyle, Gamow, Hawking, Hubble…We ignorant mortals, I always believe in the guesses, predictions and judgments of these scientists, but I still feel deeply ignorant. Whenever I look up at the vast sky, I feel infinite fear and even despair.

On the other hand, as a human being, I don’t seem to have a deep understanding of myself. I only understand what I see, such as appearance and image, such as my own thoughts, compared to my own growth, but I don’t know everything in my own body. , As if not knowing what is in the earth? What is inside and outside the universe? I don’t know what we are inside and outside. I don’t know at all, even if I cut my body cruelly, how can this be all? In the blood, in the bones, in the cells… I often think about it, it is the fear in my heart.

I think too much, but I really can’t figure it out, so I have to tease myself. I have too little IQ, too incapable. There is only one “live skin”. Occasionally, I seemed to figure it out all at once, and my mood became more cheerful.

Thinking of all this is actually a kind of existence, everything that I own, everything in the earth, everything in the universe, everything is a natural existence, no matter how ever-changing, no matter how magical and magnificent, no matter how hideous and fearful. Thinking of this, my heart is finally at peace, and everything to me will not be the boulder that stirred up waves in the calm lake.