Acacia ink

Love has no time, dreams are white, and affection is long. Love is sincere, heart-warming, and world-renowned, and love is boundless. Deep love, hard to give up, Acacia under the moon, plucking the piano strings to caress the lonely shadow, slowly twisting and softly speaking together; looking at the bright moon, Mu Qinghui, staring at the stars, counting the desolation, a blue bottle, pouring the laurels Jiuqiongye, drink to the moon alone, dance to clear the shadows, invite the moon to wander together, talk to lovesickness, and ask; when will the reincarnation shadows be double? Send a message to the mountain alliance, please pledge each other, a hundred flowers contend for beauty, spring is strong, and between the words of flowers, lovesickness echoes in the ears, I look at the vast smoke and waves from the embankment of the years, stand in the beauty of time, look back at the beautiful beauty, looming, and gradually distant; Like a flower in a mirror, like a moon in the water, in the quiet night and loneliness , the soul lingers in a wet pillow with tears, the wind , flowers, snow and the moon are all desolate; the yearning and mind hand in hand to care for the heart, love, sadness and wine in the cup, turning into melancholy and tears. You Meng Chu wears the time tunnel of Acacia, looking for you thousands of times, but waking up from the dream wandering through thousands of mountains and waters.

The light is cool and the wine warms the place to look for, tears are stained with pen and ink, and cinnabar is drawn, cutting and arranging is also chaotic, lovesickness and sadness are like numbness, hope for the autumn water and heart like snow, my thoughts are thousands of emotions, tears are flowing down, the moon is shining, and the shadows are thin, Lovesickness is combined with wine, drunk eyes are a little blurred, confidantes are not drawn in dreams, the morning is like a green silk, and the snow is like a green silk.

Time flies, the years pass by, and are gone forever. Life is like a dream, like a poem like a picture, like a dance like a play, and like a white horse passing through a gap, passing by. Years ago, by the misty and rainy riverside, when you look back, smile at each other, and when the autumn wind leaves you, I will walk thousands of times with you Water, sentiment is always love, the green mountains and green waters are accompanied by the monarch and the evening, the morning welcomes the sky with a touch of amber morning light, the freshness and the exquisite pearly light of the tip of the grass, let the heart be bright, the morning glow is accompanied by the beautiful flowers, listening to the birds and flowers Speak, listen to the beautiful singing of Xiquan in the depths of the mountains , and suddenly my mind is brightened.

Look at the long stream of water, hold your hand at the end of the world, and people will meet after dusk. Time flies, by the misty and rainy lake, the lonely shadow of the sea, and the lonely mulberry field, sighing that the passing of time is nothing but the same, the scenery remains the same when people go, and the autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves alone. I once remembered that Mingyue returned to Zeng Zhao Caiyun at that time. At first sight, I look for a hundred generations, time reversal, time changes, the only one that can’t be forgotten, and now, standing back and looking back, the vows that linger around the fingers, have long drifted with the wind, scattered in the mountains and waters, perhaps, those In the past, in the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River that suddenly seemed like a dream, what was left was a desolation like snow. I wanted to wash my heart out, seal my heart and lock my love for you, and I only wish to have Iraq’s heart. At this moment, for you, prosperous Passing away, the end of the world is looking away, and the morning is like a blue silk twilight into snow; at that moment, for you, hold your hand, and grow old with your son, and stay together and never separate. At that moment, for you, a lamp is thin and a shadow is drawn, and a pen is splashed with ink, Acacia caresses the tears and traces the cinnabar; at that moment, for you, spend the past and the moon down, guard the white hair together, hand in hand to accompany the wanderings of the world, at this moment, for you, thousands of thousands of mountains and rivers, travel through the years, thousands of times and thousands of times to find good news; that moment , For you, I love the sky and the sky, and the world is engraved on the three-life stone. At this moment, for you, the vicissitudes of life, the prosperity is gone, the Acacia ferry is looking at each other; At that moment, for you, we will live up to the future, never forget , Xiangrui with foam to accompany the sky, this moment, for you, the time is buried, boiled and drunk, a dream of prosperity finally becomes empty; at that moment, for you, willing to abandon the world, this life promises, weak water three thousand take one scoop, this For a moment, for you, the rain breaks the south of the Yangtze River, and walks like a stranger, and it is hard to cut the sorrowful silk; at that moment, for you, sing for the years, and swear by the words, this growth is with you like clothes, this moment, for you, north Yan Nanli sings farewell all the time, and the end of the song ends in a fantasy.

Qing Yin Zhou Zizhi’s “Partridge Sky”; when a little bit of redness is about to run out. Zha Liangqiu is full of curtains. It was raining three times on the phoenix leaves, and the sound of the leaves was parting. Tune Boser, set aside the gold. At that time, partridge lyrics were sung together. Nowadays, in the wind and rain Xilou night, I cry even if I don’t hear the song clearly. Lovesickness is full of love, autumn is full of love, wind, frost, cold moon night, how can I withstand the cold of the fifth month, lovesickness is sleepless, show paper and splash ink, draw poetry and painting, lift pen and lick ink, heart lake is like inkstone, clear joy is water, forest is pen , The earth is paper, the bright moon is in the sky, the stars are like lights, and the willow stream forms a table. With my heart, I splash ink, let the poetry condense the essence, embellish it with love, and let the true feelings outline a chapter of lovesickness with ten pens, hundreds of pens and thousands of pens.

“A stroke of ink, inkjet, looking back with love, Yi smiles like a flower and moon, full of life, together, and continued to write myths. Two strokes of ink, simple rhyme and ancient ways, hand in hand to walk the end of the world, thin and thin beauty, lovesickness melody with strings, sigh , Dew and rouge edge; Three brushes, splashed ink and 3,000 weak waters, love of the allure, travels all over the world, unrelenting, lingering forever; Four brushes, light ink, mirror flowers and moon, night and haggard, spring heart has become gray, return , Infatuation without regret; five strokes of ink, thick ink and color, mountain alliance and each other, two loves are long, accompanied by shadows, this life, only envy mandarin ducks; Dreams are like the beginning; seven brushes and ink, ink dyed floating life like a dream, deep love is shallow, love is thousands of knots, looking back, Cangshan bears snow; , Ink dots once loved, a glimpse of flowers blooming, turning around to parting, staying in loneliness, lonely shadow; ten brushes, dots of ink and willows, dark flowers bright, sky singing and moon, the world is passionate, turning around, flowers withering; hundred brushes and ink, ink comprehends the cause and effect of reincarnation, Three lives and three lives, the previous life has been missed, but this life has been wrongly paid; thousands of strokes, ink dots form the horizon to face each other, the wrong letter period, let down the blooming season, stay alone, and make the moon with the remaining flowers.”