A story in the depths of the sea of ​​clouds

With mountains as the boundary, clouds as the sea, between the mountains and the sea is the hometown of dreams!

At the corner of the mountain, listening to the wind blowing the smoke that rises up in the morning, what curls up is not the light, but the warmth of the world, staying in the dim light, and enjoying the wind!

Gently, then you will hang around! Long, it also lights up the gentleness of the crowd.

The looming fields are interspersed among the clouds, mountains and fog, and they have brought artificial shaping to this fairyland-like legend, without a trace of abruptness? It seems to coincide with the sky as it should have been.

Falling from the sky, taking the sky as the end and the earth as the corner, slowly lined up Chen in the fall of the mountain, and described a cloud in the sky in Tian Suiwu! Like a dream, but also like intoxication

That miserable, miserable rain has awakened from the song! Like a dream, but also a dream, Wanruo is also a dream… When awake is like a dream, when drunk is also a dream

The rotation of time did not give it a sense of decay? On the contrary, it added the weight of a unique flag, telling the inheritance of the top of the cloud!

Under the afterglow of light, a bright mirror like light is inlaid in the blue color between the mountains and the sea. There is a bit of bright eyes in the fascinating and slightly weird, it is a work of incomparable good fortune…

Take the mountain as the boundary, and the cloud as the sea! The corner of the mountain is hazy with clouds and mist, covering the mountain and sea with a veil of mystery. The faint highway is a black stripe, giving the mystery a little bit naughty.

And in another corner of the mountain, there is a different kind of cave in the sky! Under the rough stimulus of the sun, it seemed that all mysteries had disappeared without a trace, and everything appeared in front of people in a completely new look.

The obscurity and mystery are no longer, and the warmth is as before, as if the warmth and sweetness of love! One corner is hazy, faintly euphemistic, and the other corner is a renewed, clearly visible light. Dividing from the mountain is like Tai Chi, divided into yin and yang…like waking up, like drunk

And the foot of the mountain, the mountainside, the mountain! The earth houses scattered slowly are the wisdom of thousands.

The exquisite yellow clods set up the long-standing people! Is that the room? No, that is the mushroom house in the story .

Its stubbornness can’t be blown away by the wind, nor can it be beaten by the rain.

With a broad mind, it blocked the ruthlessness of the wind and sun!

Because it is tender, given, love that is like spring all year round

Ladder, sea of ​​clouds, colorful people!

There is also an old city that fell asleep silently while talking, in the setting sun, in the sea of ​​clouds, in the ladder that rises from the sky, and in the gloomy dreams.

Ancient legends, far-reaching stories, a poem, a paragraph, a story, a morning star… the sea of ​​clouds that is surging, and the unchanging veins, inherit the story from the depths of the mountains in a southwestern land.

The sea of ​​clouds is tossing, the terraces of the fields are heavenly, the people are lovely, the houses are magical… Since then, what has not changed since then is the story of the hazy depths of the sea of ​​clouds…