A special afternoon


I like to sit on the bluestone slab next to the stream on such a special afternoon and watch the sun shine through the bamboo forest in the stream, and the water shimmers quietly.

I like the slight breeze in April, blowing from behind, my hair flying gently.

In newspapers and magazines where I like the sun to stay on my face, fingertips, and fingertips, everything is as warm and beautiful as I imagined.

Pieces of bamboo leaves, accompanied by falling flowers, floated down from the air, drifted across streams, drifted across bluestone bridges, and drifted into the green grass.

In my ears, the gentle and lingering movements of the Elderly Orchestra reverberated gently, closing my eyes, simple and moving emotions emerged spontaneously.

At this time, the heart is very quiet, and can forget all the troubles quietly.

Open your eyes, raise your head, sky blue, grass green, cloud white, bonus. It seems that all the beauty is condensed in April in Hangzhou.

And I, sitting quietly in the bamboo forest, sitting for a few hours, time is flowing like water.


Counting the steps of Gems Mountain one by one, slowly ascending, no matter when, you can always meet different climbers. Or in groups of three or five, or in pairs, or alone.

I don’t know since when I fell in love with the feeling of someone walking around.

Going where you want to go by yourself, likes the kind of free and easy way to go and get there.

When I learn how to travel alone, no longer feel lonely, no longer feel unnatural, no longer feel uncontrollable loneliness in my heart when I see a group of people oncoming laughing and playing, I feel that I am real grown up.

I like myself like this and don’t care about anyone’s vision.

Wear a dress that you like, bring a hat that you like, carry a bag that you like, wear a pair of shoes that you like, take a book that you like, choose a place you like, and stay quietly NS.

Or bamboo forests, or streams, or stone bridges, or bluestone steps, or mountains, or wooden wicker chairs in a park, or West Lake.

Everything is so arbitrary.


I like this special afternoon. I didn’t stay at home or next to the computer. Even if I was tired, I slept on the bus back to the terminal, even if my waist was sore and I was tired, even if it was tomorrow. I have to get up at half past o’clock and take the bus to work, but I still feel very happy .

Because this is the original me and this is the life I want to live .

I like to climb a mountain in more than an hour, just to have a lunch that is cheaper than the West Lake, and then turn back to the mountain, return to the original place, and continue to enjoy the happy time.

Although the mountain road is long, I deeply like the happiness that comes from suffering.

Be attached to your own attachments and be happy with your own happiness.

There is no value or not, only whether or not.


These days, I have been exposed to a lot of worlds that I have not touched before, and I also have a lot of unspeakable feelings.

There are many differences in this world, and perhaps it has been destined from birth.

Don’t envy the cleverness and excellence of others, and don’t feel inferior to your own clumsy ignorance.

Everyone is unique, as long as you quietly work hard to be yourself, and then grow at a speed that suits you.

Whenever you know, be grateful to those who help you tirelessly when you don’t understand anything. After many years, we will also like them to help other young people who need to grow up.