A long dress that night

That night, it seemed that she was waiting for him deliberately. She had said the specific location and said she would wait for him at the door; she was talking to herself, nothing, nothing, just an ordinary friend meeting.

She saw his motorcycle coming around the corner. The headlights were low beams, which did not prevent her from seeing him at all, and she could see him clearly, even the warmth of the corners of her mouth when he passed by. You can see clearly his smile.

Why didn’t he stop, he said he was going to come in and sit down; a feeling of loss came to his heart, unable to pull it away, and it was very uncomfortable. The cold in the middle of the night hit her body with the wind, and the skin all over her body was covered with small lumps, her heart was beating frantically, trying to tell herself that he must have other things, don’t care too much, it’s nothing, I said nothing.

She took a deep breath. Although it was a bit cold, the freshness had filled her lungs. Now she is like a graceful and luxurious white peony, and her mood has begun to calm down, and her slender body is wrapped in the white long skirt.

She has never forgotten the first kiss he gave her.

“Why do you treat me this way? We said plainly to be friends” she asked him.

“I said long ago that you already charmed me at the beginning. Since you can’t escape, it’s better to just let the flow go,” he said lightly, “Do you know what I want?”

Does she understand? It seems that the kind of desire in my heart is always there. The circle of her life is already very small, so small that it is difficult to have people to talk to, people to listen to. And it was at this time that she met him, got to know him little by little, and got close to him. Sometimes, she would cry because of his suffering. She enlightened him and wanted to heal his wounds; but he didn’t. The male chauvinism of men was deeply ingrained in him. He was stubborn and could not let her intervene. She was very helpless.

Actually, what are you considering? She clearly hoped that he would come to see herself, how she would leave when she came, what choice she would make, she turned around with infinite loss in her heart, closed the door, and entered her house; she couldn’t ask for any results. , I don’t know what the result will be…

The long skirt that night became a memory of unevenness.