A long confession

There are no hurdles that can’t be passed, there are only those who can’t go back, because life is a grand farewell banquet.

Whenever I read Li Qingzhao, the wonderful poet and wine: The ice breaks in the warm day and the breeze, Liu Yanmei cheeks, I feel the spring heart. Only now can we understand that insincere feelings are more terrifying than loneliness . Sometimes we may not fall in love with someone, but in love with the self who is desperate and moths into the fire.

People are lonely and no one can escape. This is their sorrow, at least Richard Yates thought about it.

If you can’t even be satisfied with yourself, then how will you be satisfied with life . Is it because you are tired of being familiar with it, and you are dependent on it because of familiarity, so when you finally dare not leave easily, have you ever thought about the reason for staying in the first place?

Haruki Murakami once said: Everyone has a forest of their own. Those who are lost are already lost, and those who meet will definitely meet again. So either be a struggling beast and survive by drinking bullets, or be a plant that endures forever and ignore the pain. In a person’s life, it is not difficult to encounter love, to realize love, to encounter sex, and to realize sex. The difficult thing is to encounter understanding and understanding.

No one can escape all the baptisms in this Ukiyo-e, and all that can be done is to greet it firmly. We are not as unique as we thought. After all, growth is a long-term pain, an epiphany after healing. If one day we were annihilated in the crowds and mediocre for a lifetime, would we not blame ourselves for not working harder to make ourselves live more abundantly? Just like the roughness and flatness of life, the splendor and bleakness of life lies between the opening and closing of the window.

Life has the dignity of life, and death has the dignity of death. It is the heart that is ever-changing, and it is destiny that is immovable. Even if every kind of youth is old at the end, even if every wonderful beginning has a vulgar ending at the end, we still have to take a look at the infinite life in the great world when we are strong. Just as we live on our knees in this world, we are waiting for the day when the ideal Yang Fan sails.

Just like if you didn’t meet such a person, can you still realize that you are still drifting? “Very indifferent to save our confidant, a little bit of life in this world”, we were born in this world to be another better selves, not better others, after all, math problems with a high degree of difficulty will have accurate answers. , But life has never been an accurate answer. It is impossible to find out whether the past greenish, ignorant and daring have been covered by the mature dye in this big dyeing vat of the world.

I haven’t seen the sea before, and I thought that when I first saw the sea, I must have felt that it was very big. When I really saw the sea, my first thought was that I was particularly insignificant. So in the crowded sea, you and I will easily get lost, but fortunately, as long as you remember my name, I will not disappear in your life.